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You will not be expected to give APIMEX to yourself. It will be given to you by a person who is qualified to do so. APIMEX will be administered to you in a specialised unit in hospital. Your doctor will work out what dose you should receive. He/she will consider your diagnosis, your weight and height and kidney function. Your doctor will decide how long your treatment with APIMEX solution for infusion will last. After appropriate preparation and further dilution with a sterile saline or dextrose solution, APIMEX will be infused (dripped) into a large vein. The infusion will last approximately 10 minutes. You should usually receive your infusion every 21 days (3 weeks).

Warnings and Contraindications

Warnings and precautions Tell your doctor or healthcare provider before being given the injection: • if you currently have, or have previously had, problems with your kidneys, as you may not be able to receive APIMEX; • if you have heart disease or a history of heart disease; • if you have recently been vaccinated, as this can cause adverse effects with APIMEX (see “Other medicines and APIMEX ”); • if you have an accumulation of fluid around your lungs, your doctor may decide to remove the fluid before giving you APIMEX; • if you have had or are going to have radiation therapy, please tell your doctor, as there may be an early or late radiation reaction with APIMEX; • if you are taking NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) (see “Other medicines and APIMEX ”); • While you are treated with APIMEX your doctor will perform regular blood tests to monitor changes in your blood count (see section 4). Your doctor may decide to change the dose or delay treating you depending on your general condition and if your blood cell counts are too low. If you are also receiving cisplatin, your doctor may make sure that you are properly hydrated and receive appropriate treatment before and after receiving cisplatin to prevent vomiting (feeling sick). Children and adolescents APIMEX is not indicated for treatment of children under 18 years.


• The active substance is Pemetrexed. APIMEX 500: Each vial contains 500 milligrams of pemetrexed (as pemetrexed dipotassium). APIMEX contains approximately 91,5 mg potassium per 500 mg vial. • The other ingredients are mannitol, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Further dilution by a healthcare provider is required prior to administration.